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Jalina DarkRealm: Ambitious Improv Music Artist Creating DARKGenre styles:AtmosphereVibes,DarkWave,Ambiance/Disko,Melodic,Techno
MusicGear:Yamaha MODX8,VST/Hardware Synths;Guitar Pedals,DJVinyl Pioneer mixer/Denon 1850,Electric guitars.
This Lady Pronounced as:HALINA. Welcome to the DarkRealm

Empress of the DarkThorn Crown

Role Play Status:The Empress Fallen Angels are capable of invoking Celestial Forms by taking variation shapes of Elemental Manipulations. By using their divine influence of Dark Faith, they can tap into all the aspects of elementals powers. They have the ability to manipulate Fire, Winds,Aqua,Earthen and Electrical surges .